July, 2020 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Demystifying Inversions: Preparatory Sequences to Power Up Your Inversions

Prepare for Inversions: Open the Shoulders with Kristin Olson

In this 50-minute class, we focus on shoulder strengthening and opening through shoulder work with the wall and block. Having both strong and open shoulders is critical for inversions, and this class will help you build the physical foundation for a strong inversion practice.

Chair Love Affair: Your New Favorite Assistant with Natasha Rizopoulos

Working with a chair can transform your practice and allow you to experience deep opening in otherwise stubborn areas of the body.  In this revolutionary practice, we’ll look at Standing Pose, Backbends and Inversions.  Your hip flexors and upper back will never be the same.

Fearless Upside Down – Demystifying Headstand (Sirsasana) with Natasha Rizopoulos

Often described as the King and the Queen of the Asana, for many students Headstand and Shoulderstand instead end up being the proverbial pain in the neck. With both poses it’s a combination of openness and strength in the upper body that protect the vunerable neck, and allow one to experience the delights of inversion. This class focuses specifically on Sirsasana: Headstand.

Fearless Upside Down – Demystifying Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) with Natasha Rizopoulos

In this illuminating practices, you’ll discover how thoughtful presentation and a clean foundation can enable you to start building an inversions practice with clarity and confidence. This class focuses specifically on Sarvangasana: Shoulderstand.

Bonus Pose Tutorial: Pincha Mayurasana with Tias Little

Learn how to practice Pincha Mayurasana – Feathered Peacock Pose – from Tias Little! Tias will guide you through the foundations needed to begin your journey towards this difficult pose or refine your practice if you have already been working on this inversion.