June 2019: Strengthen Your Core with Claudine Beeson, Natasha Rizopoulos, and Kristin Olson

Hot Hot Hot: Heat Up Your Core and More with Claudine Beeson

Turn up the temperature with this strong, dynamic flow designed to engage all your muscles while paying special attention to the core. By starting with a review of Ujjayi breath, this practice creates a detoxifying heat around your lungs and solar plexus that will carry you throughout the flow. 

All About the Core with Natasha Rizopoulos

Core stability is a key ingredient for a well-rounded asana practice and a healthy lower back. This vigorous practice will bring intelligence and tone to the muscles that support your torso and pelvis so that your limbs can move freely from an integrated center. The effects of this profound work will radiate beyond your asana practice into daily posture and living.

For the Love of Core with Kristin Olson

This 30-minute core workout uses all true yoga poses to strengthen the core muscles. These targeted poses strengthen the muscles around the midsection to form a natural muscular corset that will support and stabilize the spine.

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