June 2020: Reset and Rebalance – Yoga to Calm the Nervous System with Tias Little and Marlysa Sullivan

Healing The Organic Body: Generating Vitality and Energy with Tias Little

In this practice the entire body will be nourished with the help of passive stretches designed to bring more blood flow to the organs. This class focuses on specific techniques to help optimize the flow of prana (blood and lymph) through the internal organs – aiding in better functioning. When the organs perform optimally there is radiant health, vitality, and sustained energy in the entire body.

Opening up the Frontal Hip: Soothing Your Nervous System with Tias Little

Enjoy greater freedom in your hips and back in this gentle practice from Tias Little. The practice aids in the release of the muscles in the front of the hip – known as the hip flexors. 

Asana as Meditation: Balancing Effort and Ease with Marlysa Sullivan

The Yoga Sutras tell us that the practice of asana, or postures, is about finding a steady and comfortable position through which we can connect with the infinite space of joy within and become free from duality. The postures included in this practice are a balance of relaxation, stretching, strengthening, all led with internal focus and awareness.

Yoga for Health and Healing with Marlysa Sullivan

This gentle class is designed to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation – giving the nervous system a much-needed break. Marlysa will guide you through a series of gentle supine yoga poses meant to cultivate “Vagal tone” and “Vagal flexibility,” and build gradually to standing yoga postures. 

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