May 2022 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Dump the Slump! Yoga for Text Neck and Beyond with Julie Gudmestad

Tackling Forward Head Posture: Upper Back, Neck and Head Alignment

With so many of us hunched over laptops and mobile phones, the misalignment of the upper back, neck and head has become somewhat of an epidemic. In this practice, Julie Gudmestad offers up a comprehensive reminder of the natural shape the upper body is meant to take, including modifications to make the practice accessible, and crafty yoga solutions for encouraging alignment and eliminating pain. Whether you enter this practice with a neck injury, or simply looking for some therapeutic relief, there is something here for everyone. 

Straighten Posture and Build Balance with Tree Pose

Julie Gudmestad helps you build balance and sharpen your balance reflexes with Tree Pose for beginners. Balance is especially important as we grow older and are at risk for falls. This class is also great for improving posture: most people come to yoga with a forward incline of the head, rounded shoulders, or the pelvis shifted forward or back. These problems can lead to structural pain and also restrict breathing and blood flow. Julie shows you how to use the wall and this pose to align your posture and correct these issues.

Deepen Your Backbends to Improve Posture

The amount of time we spend sitting in chairs closes up our front body: our hips flex at a right angle; our arms stay low, which tightens our shoulders; our diaphragm is compressed; our chest dropped; and our mid-back flexed. It’s no wonder we face a challenge with backbends! In this video, Julie guides you through a practice to open up the front body and stretch out all those tight areas. This practice places an emphasis on careful preparatory poses to prevent hyperextending the neck or causing low back pain.

Correcting Posture Imbalances to Help Relieve Back Pain

This practice focuses on correcting common muscle imbalances to prevent or relieve back pain. Julie starts with a series of gentle stretches to open the chest and increase the flexibility of the spine and pelvis. We then move into a series of soothing, restorative poses to facilitate the release of tension in the muscles of the low back.

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