May Practice Series: The Essence of Yoga—Deepening into Breath with Ana Forrest

Awakening Your Body

Ana invites you to reawaken your relationship with your body by asking, what part of this can I do? Perfect for all levels, the practice begins slowly with pranayama and supine poses, and gently builds heat to prepare the body for standing poses. You will finish feeling refreshed, and re-energized in your mind body connection.

Reclaiming Your Hips

For those of us with sedentary jobs, the hips can be an easy place to go numb. In this soothing practice, Ana empowers practitioners to reclaim their hips through gentle stretching and strengthening. Moving through these asanas will help to alleviate pain and stiffness in the hips, and bring a renewed sense of awareness to the hips. 

Nourishing Your Heart

Building on the foundation of the first two classes, Ana next guides practitioners through an exploration of the heart—our own personal drum beat. This practice explores gentle backbends to broaden and expand the front and side bodies for a heart that is open and nourished.