November 2019: Yoga for Lower Back Health: Beginner Yoga with Julie Gudmestad, Natasha Rizopoulos, and Doug Keller

Beginner Hamstring Stretch: Improve Flexibility to Relieve Back Pain with Julie Gudmestad 

Tight hamstrings limit our ability to move into a number of yoga poses, and can make the experience frustrating. While we may want a quick fix, our hamstring muscle tissue is thick and stiff, and loosening it up requires regular stretching. To develop flexibility in your hamstrings, join Julie in this practice a couple times a week, ideally when your muscles are already warm.

Lengthen the Psoas Muscle for Lower Back Health with Julie Gudmestad

Relieve back pain and improve posture in this yoga practice with physical therapist and expert yoga teacher Julie Gudmestad. Focus on lengthening the psoas muscle.

Hip Flexors 101 with Natasha Rizopoulos

One of the first things many students discover when they start practicing Yoga is how tight their hip flexors are. In this short, focused practice we’ll start with basic anatomy and the alignment principles that address the issue. We’ll then move through a progressive series of hip openers that you can practice independently or integrate into a longer practice. 

Beginner Psoas Release Yoga Sequence with Doug Keller

An out-of-balance psoas muscle will pull on your back, and may lead to general back pain, groin pain, or even a herniated disk. Doug explains the different effects of different types of psoas imbalances, and guides you through a series of poses to release tight psoas muscles and find relief.

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