October 2019: Best Yoga Poses for Men with Tias Little and Douglass Stewart

Graceful Entry: Beginner Yoga Sequence with Douglass Stewart

This practice is for those just beginning yoga, who have not been active physically and who are interested in starting a gentle yoga routine. It is designed to bring attention to the relationship between the core of the body and the limbs, and build the relationship between the body and mind by the use of the breath.

Opening up the Frontal Hip: Soothing Your Nervous System with Tias Little

Enjoy greater freedom in your hips and back in this gentle practice from Tias Little. The practice aids in the release of the muscles in the front of the hip – known as the hip flexors. When these muscles are long and free, you can expect a whole host of benefits including releasing back pain, deeper breathing, and overall ease in the nervous system.

Vital Force: Connect Breath and Movement to Steady the Mind with Douglass Stewart

This slow flow practice is designed to highlight how conscious breathing can transform mind and body. It reveals how the vital force or life force, when freed by the practice of yoga, rejuvenates and energizes all the systems of the body. By creating greater calmness of the mind and enabling the vital force to flow more freely, we lay the foundation for greater recognition of what we call Spirit.

Healing the Organic Body: Generating Vitality and Energy with Tias Little

Release the back body and find greater ease in this gentle class designed to lengthen the hamstrings, side-waist, and lower back. Utilizing many gentle forward bends, this class will help facilitate the parasympathetic response – the wonderful “rest and digest” functioning in the nervous system, leaving you feeling refreshed, rested, and ready for your day (or a good night of sleep!)

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