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Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Slow Yoga: Supine Twistings Series for Deep Relaxation

A gentle practice designed to help you slow down, and to move mindfully through a series of... more

Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Slow Yoga: Gentle Practice for Opening the Hips

In this segment of Rhoda's popular supine yoga series, we focus on creating more openness in... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Yoga for Core Integrity and Balance Practice 3

In this third installment of Baxter's series on building core integrity and improving balance,... more

Practice Channel Gabriel Halpern

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

A practice designed to help those dealing with back pain find relief and healing. Learn how to... more

Practice Channel Claire Mark

Use the Breath as Your Guide

The breath is one of the most important parts of our yoga practice, but it doesn't always get... more

Practice Channel Kate Heffernan

Getting the Upper Hand on Downward Dog 4

Session 4: This session continues our exploration of downward dog pose, putting it all... more

Practice Channel Chrys Kub

Myofascial Release 2: Awaken Your Core

The second class in Chrys' series on myofascial release focuses on awakening your core. Chrys... more

Practice Channel Douglass Stewart

The Beauty of Breath

This practice highlights the breathing muscles by creating a series of poses that strengthen... more

Practice Channel Gabriel Halpern

Breathing 2

Hatha yoga speaks to the solar and lunar currents that course through our body, which are... more

Practice Channel Cyndi Lee

Mindful Meditation pt 1

This practice includes instruction, posture and sitting for a couple of minutes.