Claudine Beeson

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." ~ Dr. Seuss

Practice Yoga with Claudine Beeson

Claudine is the owner and director of Living Yoga in Aurora. She is a certified yoga instructor through the Kriya Yoga Temple in Chicago, and is also a certified cancer exercise specialist through the Cancer Exercise Training Institute in Oregon. Claudine’s passion and true appreciation for the healing benefits of yoga inspired her to become a yoga teacher. In May 2007, Claudine opened Living Yoga and is honored to teach alongside other enthusiastic and talented instructors.

Claudine’s practice is strongly influenced by teachers like Shiva Rea, Kim Schwartz, and Natasha Rizopoulos. While Claudine instructs with a strong sense of alignment, strength, and flexibility, she hopes to communicate most, the joy of yoga.

Claudine lives in Illinois with her husband Pete, daughter Kayla and trusted four-legged pal Bailey.

Practices Of Claudine Beeson

You only get to study with the best.
Adv. Beginner

Wall Series: Focus on Shoulders

shoulders | with Claudine Beeson
Tight shoulders? Try using the wall and a strap! This class will help to…
Adv. Beginner

Everyday Gentle Flow

with Claudine Beeson
Ease into your day or wind down from a busy one with gentle stretches…
Adv. Beginner

Wall Series: Focus on Balance

hamstrings | with Claudine Beeson
Balance is one of the first things we lose as we age, unless we…
Adv. Beginner

Happy Hips

hips | with Claudine Beeson
This practice will help to open and provide greater mobility in the hips. Deep…
Adv. Beginner

Hopeless Hamstrings

hamstrings | with Claudine Beeson
Ever feel like your hamstrings are hopelessly tight and that you’ll never be able…
Adv. Beginner

Give and Receive

with Claudine Beeson
This class is about the delicate balance of giving of ourselves to those around…
Adv. Beginner

Slip on a Strap

with Claudine Beeson
Grab a yoga strap because this practice is all about releasing into the support…
Adv. Beginner

Breath and Balance

with Claudine Beeson
We’ll begin this practice with alternate nostril breathing to help balance the feeling mind…

Hot Hot Hot: Heat Up Your Core and More!

core | with Claudine Beeson
Turn up the temperature with this strong, dynamic flow designed to engage all your muscles…

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