Douglass Stewart

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." ~ Maya Angelou

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Douglass Stewart has been teaching yoga for nearly 15 years. He was a featured yoga teacher on the TV show Yoga Zone hosted by Alan Finger, founder of ISHTA Center, filmed in Jamaica. Douglass recently co-wrote a teaching curriculum for The Reconnection and traveled to Amsterdam, Italy, Mexico, and Canada to launch the teachers training for that organization. Douglass currently teaches at the ISHTA Center and at Yogaworks. He volunteers a yoga class at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center with outreach to the HIV community. Douglass is the Cofounder of Summer Solstice, Yoga in Times Square/Mind over Madness. He extends his gratitude and love to all of you that have supported this event for the past 10 years!

Practices Of Douglass Stewart

You only get to study with the best.

Graceful Entry

core | with Douglass Stewart
This practice is for those just beginning yoga, who have not been active physically…
Adv. Beginner

Moving Meditation

with Douglass Stewart
Experience the power of linking the breath with slow, fluid movement. This is a…
All Levels

The Beauty of Breath

with Douglass Stewart
This practice highlights the breathing muscles by creating a series of poses that strengthen and…
All Levels

Quiet Mind – A Calming, Soothing Practice

with Douglass Stewart
In this calming and soothing practice, we start with a series of gentle postures…

Steady Standing – Yoga Foundations for Improved Posture

with Douglass Stewart
This practice focuses on bringing attention to the parts of the body responsible for…
Adv. Beginner

Vital Force

with Douglass Stewart
This slow flow practice is designed to highlight how conscious breathing can transform mind…
All Levels

The Importance of Yoga: The Harmonious Relationship – Beginner’s Series Practice #1

with Douglass Stewart
In this introductory practice, we begin with a discussion of the relationship between our…
All Levels

Complete Breaths – Beginner’s Series Practice #2

chest | with Douglass Stewart
When we understand the power of the breath we enliven all our activities, discover…
All Levels

Strengthening and Stabilizing – Beginner’s Series Practice #3

hamstrings, pelvic floor | with Douglass Stewart
In this practice, we focus on three poses including Mountain Pose, Staff Pose (Dandasana),…

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