Ellen Huang-Saltarelli

"Embodiment is about what is, not about what should or could be." ~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

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Ellen Huang Saltarelli first fell in love with yoga in 2003 when a friend corralled her and a couple friends to trek across town to a sweaty, power yoga class. It was in that first Savasana she experienced a deep sense of calm and contentment for the first time in her adult life. By 2006, despite her intense shyness and fear of public speaking, she found herself sharing her love of yoga to rooms full of students.

In 2007, Ellen received her 200-hour Teacher Training from acclaimed Alison West of Yoga Union in NYC, focusing on anatomy, structural alignment and yoga for scoliosis. She later received her 300-hour certification from Yoga Studies Institute, focusing on subtle body anatomy, meditation, and philosophy. In 2011, as Editor and Video Model, she studied and pored over the encyclopedia of 350+ yoga poses of Darren Rhodes’ Yoga Resource Practice Manual, where she meticulously studied asanas in both an academic and experiential way. Ellen also studied meditation and dharma in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage with Jessica and Stéphane Dreyfus of Triveni Yoga School.

Ellen currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband and daughter, where she teaches both live and prerecorded classes for her On Demand channel. To learn more, visit her website: http://ellen.yoga, IG: https://www.instagram.com/ellen.yoga/, or Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ellenyoga

Practices Of Ellen Huang-Saltarelli

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Free Your Shoulders

arms, shoulders, spine, upper back | with Ellen Huang-Saltarelli
This class will teach you how to balance your shoulders using a combination of…

Balanced Forward Folds

back, hamstrings, hips, spine | with Ellen Huang-Saltarelli
This is an entire practice dedicated to experiencing both the pacifying and engaging aspects…

Learning and Loving Lunge

core, hip extensors, hips, low back | with Ellen Huang-Saltarelli
Using an array of props to emphasize various aspects of the pose, this class…

Core Conditioning Without Neck Crunches

core, neck | with Ellen Huang-Saltarelli
This core conditioning class focuses on strengthenging and awakening the abdominal core, while releasing…

The Full Hip

hip extensors, hip flexors, hips | with Ellen Huang-Saltarelli
This class uses classic and not so classic yoga poses to strengthen the hips…

A Restorative Practice: Finding Relaxation with Support of Your Breath

with Ellen Huang-Saltarelli
This class gives you an opportunity to move through a sequence of poses in…

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