Jasmine Punzalan

"Perform action being steadfast in Yoga, abandoning attachment and balanced in success and failure. Evenness of mind is called Yoga." ~ Bhagavad Gita 2.47-48

Practice Yoga with Jasmine Punzalan

Jasmine Punzalan was first introduced to yoga in 2000, while living and working in Tokyo, Japan. She immediately saw the benefits her practice provided in managing the stress of a demanding corporate career. Her career eventually brought her to NYC and her first day at work was on September 11, 2001. Breathing and moving through practice helped her to clear her mind and cope with the chaos and sadness of this national disaster.

While initially being drawn to the steady breath based practice of Ashtanga yoga, Jasmine appreciates the precision and alignment of the Iyengar method. Her teaching style reflects the best qualities of both methods. Jasmine also believes that yoga should have the elements of both steadiness and ease. With her precise instruction on alignment, students feel strong in their bodies. Her compassionate, inviting approach and constant attention to breath also allows her students to find the sweetness of their practice.

Jasmine is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor. She has assisted her teacher and mentor Natasha Rizopoulos with the 200 hour YogaWorks teacher training since 2009 and credits this experience for deepening her knowledge of alignment and anatomy. She continues to assist Natasha’s weekly classes and workshops. Jasmine is also a trained doula, and has completed a prenatal yoga teacher training through YogaWorks.

Jasmine currently lives in Boston with her husband Paul, their two sons Lucas and Theo, and two very shy cats.

Practices Of Jasmine Punzalan

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Adv. Beginner

Beginner’s Vinyasa Series 1: Movement and Breath

with Jasmine Punzalan
Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) is a flowing series of postures that connect breath with…
Adv. Beginner

Beginner’s Vinyasa Series 2: Strength Building Standing Poses

with Jasmine Punzalan
An alignment-based beginner level flow introducing the strength building standing poses. This class will…
Adv. Beginner

Beginner’s Vinyasa Series 3: Twists, Backbends, Healthy Spine

with Jasmine Punzalan
An alignment based beginner level flow introducing simple twists and backbends to improve spinal…
Adv. Beginner

Beginner’s Vinyasa Series 4: Morning Practice

with Jasmine Punzalan
Awaken and energize the body while connecting breath and movement in this well-rounded beginner’s…
Adv. Beginner

Yoga Practice for Core Strength

core | with Jasmine Punzalan
Core strength goes beyond getting “six-pack abs.” In this practice, you will strengthen all the…
Adv. Beginner

Open Hearted Simple Backbends

hip flexors | with Jasmine Punzalan
An integral part of yoga, backbends open the chest, increase spinal flexibility and strength,…
Adv. Beginner

Upper Body Tension Release

shoulders | with Jasmine Punzalan
Many of us hold stress in our upper body, causing tightness and discomfort in…
Adv. Beginner

Evening Wind Down

with Jasmine Punzalan
Manage aches and pains caused by daily life with this practice geared towards opening…
All Levels

Side Bending

with Jasmine Punzalan
Many yoga practices are forward folding and backward bending. Lateral movements practiced in this…

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