Principles of Therapeutic Sequencing for Musculoskeletal Imbalances: Psoas Releases

To create a balanced practice and help students progress over time, it’s important for yoga teachers to understand how to stage postures to address common imbalances in specific muscle groups.

In this excerpt from her module in the Yoga 2.0 Wellness Educator Course, Marlysa Sullivan, PT, gives an example of therapeutic sequencing in yoga, showing how to progress through a series of postures to release the psoas. 

The psoas muscle goes from the front of the lumbar vertebrae down to the lesser trochanter and is implicated in a number of structural issues. 

Marlysa begins with a variation of constructive rest that biomechanically puts the psoas muscle “on slack” and removes all stimulus for contraction.

From this release, she adds postures for light mobilization and stretching. Learn precautions to prevent SI joint instability in common psoas-stretching poses and the key muscles you need to engage.

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