September 2020: Fun with Balance Poses – Build Strength, Stability and Confidence!

Building Strength: The Importance of the Warrior Poses in Building Strength and Resilience

Julie guides you through a practice that will tune and enhance your Warrior 1 and 3 poses. This practice builds flexibility and strength, but it also builds the heat within us that can burn up old habits, preconceptions, and blocks that hold us back. Attention to opening the hips and shoulders increases mobility and prevents the common problem of low back compression in these poses.

Increase Functional Movement with Warrior 3

Important functional movements such as walking, hiking, climbing stairs, and balance, in general, all benefit from the actions of the standing leg in Warrior 3 pose. Join Carrie in this practice, which will build your strength, stability, and mobility through deconstructing and then reconstructing this familiar pose.

Build Strength with Standing Yoga Poses

An alignment-based beginner level flow introducing the strength building standing poses. This class will begin with a modified flow, building to standing poses that are effective in toning the body, and building strength and confidence.

Practice Standing Yoga Poses with a Chair

Working with a chair can transform your practice and allow you to experience deep opening in otherwise stubborn areas of the body. In this revolutionary practice, we’ll look at Standing Pose, Backbends, and Inversions. Your hip flexors and upper back will never be the same.

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