September 2022 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Build Confidence, Strength and Stability – Fun with Balance Poses with Carrie Owerko

Playful Ways to Work with Balance

Strengthen your hips and build balance with this practice. Explore entering familiar standing poses from new angles to lay a stronger foundation. This practice stimulates proprioception, works with your vestibular system, and increases your capacity to balance and stabilize during transitional movements–a key factor in healthy aging.

Building Strong Abs for Balance Challenges

Challange your balance with abdominal and leg-stabilizing poses. Carrie also gives out some helpful tips for how to incorporate balance-building into any practice so as to integrate stability and mobility, and improve functional movement off the mat.

Exploring Warrior 3 – Putting It All Together After Taking It Apart

Important functional movements such as walking, hiking, climbing stairs, and balance in general all benefit from the actions of the standing leg in Warrior 3 pose. Join Carrie in this practice, which will build your strength, stability, and mobility through deconstructing and then reconstructing this familiar pose.

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