Sneak Peek! Principles of Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care with Deborah Wolk

Enjoy this Sneak Peek at the Slides and Video Excerpts from Principles of Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care, with Deborah Wolk!

Enjoy these Video Excerpts!

Video Excerpt 1: Got a cranky back? Chair sivasana can be a relaxing, calming way to bring yourself into a comfortable resting position, which can bring relief.  But it’s important to properly support your individual spinal curves, whether they are hyper (too much curve) or hypo (flattened curve). In this video, Deborah Wolk, Yoga Therapist and founder of the  Samamkaya Yoga Back Care & Scoliosis Collective in New York City demonstrates the proper way to support  your spine to insure that your body can rest and your back can heal. Check out whatever the callout is to get to the website here. Is this standard language usually?

Video Excerpt 2: When you’re experiencing acute back pain, practicing the full version of Uttanasana may be counter indicated. But a supported version of forward bending may be just the ticket to deliver some much needed relief. In this video, Yoga Therapist and Back Pain Specialist Deborah Wolk demonstrates how to create gentle support for all of the curves of your spine, while moving your pelvis into a neutral position. So clear off the table, grab some blankets and towels from the linen closet, and give this “Table Uttanansana” a try! For more information on Deborah (or whatever the callout is here—not sure. Can you fill that in?) 

Video Excerpt 3: In this clip Deborah Wolk, Yoga Therapist and  Back Pain Pro, demonstrates a nifty way to get some traction into your spine and release chronic tension in your back muscles. While its part of a larger practice for back pain, it would also be a refreshing break from sitting at a desk, gardening, or any other activity that creates strain on the low back. Don’t have an Iyengar wall? How about the bank of sinks in the office restroom, the kitchen counter, or a sturdy bannister? 

Video Excerpt 4: Adho mukha śvānāsana, AKA the ubiquitous downward facing dog has many benefits and can be a powerful tool in the battle against chronic back pain. But when the joint spaces in the spine are compromised, or discs are bulging or herniated, the traditional version of the pose maybe contraindicated. In this video, Deborah Wolk, IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist shows an alternative version of the pose using a strap, a chair and a door handle that provides much needed spinal extension without putting uneven load on the back or stressing out shoulders that may not be ready for this type of weight bearing. Even if you don’t have back issues, you may enjoy the extra spinal extension, alignment feedback, and grounding through the feet this variation provides.

For more details about Deborah’s course, see here: Principles of Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care.