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This is such a terrific venue! Many of your resident teachers are world-renowned, and getting to their workshops can be quite expensive and impossible time-wise!
Faith Purcellville,VA

This site is my main resource for the most up-to-date yoga information. The instructors are the best in the nation.
RaDene, Riverton, Utah

Thank you Yoga U for being such a wonderful resource with the most diverse topic matter and fabulous speakers! My practice and my teaching would not be the same without you~!
Dianne, Port Charlotte, Fl

YogaU is my saving grace. This platform allows me the ability to study and learn with some of the most highly regarded teachers in my industry. A truly invaluable tool!
Jennephyr, Grand Rapids, MI

Yoga U offers an extensive variety of topics presented by the best teachers. The “live chat” provides a forum for having your personal questions answered by the experts in the field. Simply wonderful – thank you!
Marguerite, Lynbrook, N.Y.

This is my go to site for yoga education that I can use with confidence in my own teaching. The teachers are excellent, the information presented in a very understandable and usable format! An excellent resource, and the prices are really, really reasonable!
Terrie, Astoria, Oregon

I look to Yoga U for access to master teachers speaking on important topics that keep me educated and educating!
Genevieve, Tollhouse, California

The wide variety and level of expertise of the teachers presenting their current understanding of yoga are amazing. Each has inspired, educated, and encouraged my own practice and teaching. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from so many practitioners and pioneers.
Barbara, Reston, Virginia

Free Bonus Videos!

As an Unlimited Subscriber, the last Sunday of each month, you will receive a special yoga video practice download with leading yoga teachers.

Video Yoga Practices include:

Ana Forrest - Forrest YogaYoga for Beginners with Iyengar Yoga Teacher Julie Gudmestad

Ana Forrest - Forrest YogaAlign Your Flow Vinyasa Practice with Natasha Rizopolous

Ana Forrest - Forrest YogaIshta Yoga Flow with Ishta Yoga Co-founder Sarah Platt Finger

Ana Forrest - Forrest YogaYoga for Mental-Emotional Balance with Iyengar Yoga Teacher Gabriel Halpern

What Other People Are Saying About Online Learning

Indispensable vehicle of learning and connection for us far-flung yogis and yoga teachers who are not often able to attend seminars!
Anna, Oxfordshire, UK

This is such a terrific venue! Many of your resident teachers are world-renowned, and getting to their workshops can be quite expensive and impossible time-wise!
Faith Purcellville,VA

A fabulous way to learn from experts all over the country and world in a variety of subject matters.
Cyndi, Webster Groves, MO

Thank you for offering this great format! I listen to the same workshop over and over and each time I am ready to learn something new.
Cathy Sykesville, Maryland

As a busy yoga studio owner and teacher, I rely on Yoga U’s convenient format and credible teachers to keep me up to date and well versed on topics that allow me to offer a safe, inspiring and transformational yoga experience to those who put their trust in me.
Michelle, Orlando, Florida

The course work offered by YogaUOnline is timely, informative, instructional and convenient to access. In addition, it is an affordable way to gain training from great authorities on yoga.
Carol, Virginia Beach, VA

YogaU is a wonderful source for continuing education. It’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the best yoga teachers out there, without the time and expense of traveling.
Marci, Omaha, NE

You guys are a God-send for me. Thank you!
Barbara, Las Vegas, Nevada

BONUS Talks!

Judith Hanson Lasater: Deepening Your Home Yoga Practice – Recorded talk

Leslie Howard: Yoga for the Female Pelvic Floor – An Introduction – Recorded Talk

Tom Myers: From Plant to Seed – Yoga and the New Anatomy of the Body with Tom Myers

Julie Gudmestad: The Key to Improving Alignment in Yoga Postures—Hamstring Health and Why It Matters

Doug Keller: The Bandhas as a Tool for Core Integration in Yoga Asana

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Doug Keller: Essentials of Healthy Backbending – How to Progress Safely in Your Practice

In this course, Doug will be sorting through the many issues of backbending and how they are taught in yoga. Often the instructions given in backbending are based on generalizations and assumptions, as well as attempts at simplification. But this is not always helpful to YOU, particularly when those generalizations don’t apply!

Doug will be surveying instructions that we commonly hear in class — the intention behind them, the biomechanics involved, and how well these cues serve their ultimate biomechanical intention. He will also discuss issues of sequencing and the question of ‘counterposes’ for backbends.

Get access to recordings of this highly acclaimed course and accomopanying video practice upon registration

Kaoverii Weber: Reenergize and Revitalize: Yoga for Detoxification

Detoxification is essential for good health. Cleansing the body and mind regularly will prevent stagnation and reduce the build-up of toxins, leading to improved strength and stamina, greater levels of energy, and a more balanced mind.

In this 3-part course, Kristine Kaoverii Weber, founder of Subtle® Yoga, looks at the science of detoxification and yoga practices that target the digestive organs to help clear away toxins and enable better functioning. Through videos and lectures, you will learn poses, Pranayamas and other practices that facilitate cleansing of the digestive, respiratory and lymphatic system. Kaoverii will also introduce acupressure points and self-massage techniques to assist the detoxification process.

Thursdays, March 19 & March 26, 2015


Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall- Yoga for Scoliosis

Most people have some degree of scoliosis, characterized by a slight sideways curvature of the spine, which is barely noticeable. When scoliosis advances to a stronger curvature of the spine, however, it can become a debilitating condition.

Can yoga help? In this course, Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall look at the evidence that yoga can bring significant improvement to scoliosis sufferers. Loren and Ellen will discuss how to spot scoliosis in your students – and your own body – and go into details needed for performing yoga poses, particularly Vasisthasana, correctly to counteract scoliosis.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 & Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tom Myers: Yoga, Fascia & the New Anatomy of the Body – New Insights into Soft Tissue Dynamics

In this course, Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers discusses new research into the role fascia plays in physical fitness and healthy movement.

Recent research shows that fascia is an essential ‘biological fabric,’ which performs important regulatory functions for the whole body. Knowing how the fascia responds to training is critical to yoga practitioners and anyone concerned about the long-term functional health of the body. Any movement affects fascia, but not all types of movement train it equally well for ‘real life’ strength and injury prevention.

Monday, April 13 & Thursday, April 16, 2015


Natasha Rizopoulos: Sequencing Principles for Teaching and Practicing Inversions

Sirsasana (Headstand) and Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) are often called the King and Queen of the Asana. They are beautiful and transformative postures that build strength and flexibility in the musculoskeletal body, have myriad benefits to the nervous and circulatory systems, and cultivate eka grata, the single-pointed focus that prepares the mind for meditation. And yet with great power, comes great responsibility. Practicing and teaching Headstand and Shoulderstand require thoughtful preparation, precise alignment and knowledgeable sequencing of postures.

In this three-part course we’ll examine how effective sequencing of postures and instructions can help students develop a relationship with these poses, as well as work with the variations and modifications that are appropriate for their body and level of experience.

Saturdays, May 2 & May 9, 2015

Richard Miller: Fostering Resilience – Creating the Life You Want

Why is it that some people are able to live through seemingly insurmountable challenges while others struggle even with smaller life challenges?

Modern researchers increasingly point to the quality of resilience as a key factor determining our ability to lead a happy, healthy life. In this online course, iRest founder Richard Miller discusses why resilience now is recognized to be one of the key features of emotional strength and the ability to grow and flourish irrespective of the challenges we face in your life. He draws parallels to yoga philosophy and the concept of equanimity and shares yogic practices that can help us increase resilience off the mat, rise above obstacles and grow from the inevitable challenges we face in life.

Monday, May 11 & Thursday, May 14, 2015

Anita Boser: Working with the Soft Tissues – Understanding and Healing Injuries

It is in the soft tissues of the body that the alchemy of yoga primarily takes place. The soft tissues hold the key to tremendous transformation, both physical and emotional. But the same dynamics of the soft tissues that can lead to transformation of the physical body, if pushed too far also become the key dynamics involved in injuries. In this course you will learn to understand the difference between working within your intelligent edge and pushing too far. We will look at the early changes that precede soft tissue injuries and how you can spot them before they become an issue. You will also learn how to work with your body to heal injuries that may have already occurred.

Wednesday, June 3 & Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Julie Gudmestad: Yoga Foundations I – Creating Verticality, Balancing the Pelvis

In this series of video practices and lectures, Julie will teach you some of the foundational techniques you must take all students through to help them establish a solid foundation for their practice and advance safely. In this first course she looks at the concept of creating verticality, the balancing of the pelvis and other factors that form the foundation of alignment in all yoga postures.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Julie Gudmestad: Yoga Foundations II – Balancing Hips, Shoulders, and Neck

In this series of video practices and lectures, Julie will teach you some of the foundational techniques you must take all students through to help them establish a solid foundation for their practice and advance safely. In this second part of the Yoga Foundations course, Julie looks at the essential factors involved in balancing hips, shoulders, and neck, particularly in reference to the common musculoskeletal limitations beginners bring to their practice.

Monday, July 13, 2015

BONUS COURSE! Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar – Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy Weight: 7 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Optimal Weight All Life Long

June 23 & 24, 2015

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BONUS #4 – Recorded talks

  • Judith Hanson Lasater: Deepening Your Home Yoga Practice 
  • Leslie Howard: Yoga for the Female Pelvic Floor – An Introduction 
  • Tom Myers: From Plant to Seed – Yoga and the New Anatomy of the Body 
  • Julie Gudmestad: The Key to Improving Alignment in Yoga Postures—Hamstring Health and Why It Matters
  • Doug Keller: The Bandhas as a Tool for Core Integration in Yoga Asana

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