CNN: UPS Drivers Find that Yoga Therapy Makes Sense

UPS drivers in Napa Valley, California have a new secret for performing better on the job, preventing injuries, relieve back pain, and developing balance in their personal lives: Yoga.

According to a report by CNN, twice a week UPS drivers from Napa valley journey to a local yoga studio to practice a one-hour routine of downward dogs, cat poses, pigeon, and other exotic sounding, but therapeutic yoga poses.

The twice-weekly yoga classes began as an experiment, when health and safety manager, Mike Yates, grew concerned about number of on job injuries.

“You have to keep yourself in top physical condition to perform the job safely day in and day out,” Yates said in an interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. We thought using yoga for therapy and injury prevention might make sense.”

Remarkably, since Yates introduced the yoga for therapy program, things have drastically improved. “It affected us so positively in so many ways, it was amazing,” Yates told CNN reporters. “It has really caused injury levels to go down. We have a little tag phrase we use, saying it’s ‘safe by choice, not by chance.'”

The yoga practice has had numerous therapeutic effects. According to UPS driver Scott Stephenson, fewer injuries was just one benefit of using yoga for therapy purposes. Since picking up yoga, he reports feeling more balance in his life, experiencing greater well-being, and more energy. Using yoga for therapy has even helped him quit smoking.

“It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done,” Stephenson told CNN.

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