The Fit Floor Part 1: Training the Pelvic Floor for Fitness

When you think about pelvic floor health, the first thing that often comes to mind are kegels, the contracting and releasing of pelvic floor muscles. While kegels can be helpful in maintaining tone in the pelvic floor, like all other muscles in the body, the movements of the pelvic floor are connected to many other muscles.

Pelvice Floor Health: Beyond Kegels

In this video, Julie Wiebe, PT, discusses the construction of and important relationships between the pelvic floor muscles and the rest of the body.

Look for The Fit Floor Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon!

A great YogaUOnline article for maintaining a fit pelvic floor: A Simple Yoga Practice for Finding and Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Leslie HowardWant to learn about the applications of yoga for pelvic floor health?

Check out our course with yoga teacher Leslie Howard, a leading expert on yoga for pelvic floor issues: Yoga for Pelvic Floor Balance-Strengthen the Female Pelvic Floor

About the Author

Julie Wiebe PTJulie Wiebe is a physical therapist who specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. She advocates for the awareness of pelvic health issues in fitness and promotes innovative solutions for women through her blog, videos and social media (follow her @JulieWiebePT and/or . She shares her evidence-based, integrative approach internationally with both professionals and women through live, online, and DVD educational programs. Find out more and connect with Julie at  Reprinted with Permission from Julie Wiebe, PT

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