Yoga for Posture Improvement – The 7 Steps to Better Posture

Forward head posture – and its more advanced relative, hyperkyphosis – is rampant in today’s sedentary, computer-centric society. Forward head posture can cause strain and tightness in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, potentially resulting in shoulder and neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, and in its more advanced stages, even compressed chest and breathing issues.

Worse, if forward head posture develops into full-fledged hyperkyphosis, it creates a host of additional health issues. In the last few decades, researchers have become increasingly concerned about the health effects of a hyperkyphotic posture. And what they are finding is not pretty.

You’ve heard about osteoporosis and how important it is to prevent osteoporosis-related loss of bone mass to avoid fractures as you get older. But here’s what you probably haven’t heard: A slumped forward posture—if allowed to mature into the full-fledged hyperkyphosis of old age—puts you at risk for the exact same issues as osteoporosis.

Yes, you heard that right – hyperkyphosis is a risk factor for the same problems as osteoporosis, including greater risk for vertebral fractures, greater risk of falls, and fall-related fractures. And not only that—it is a contributing factor to a host of other health issues as well.

Curious to learn more about how yoga can help improve posture and prevent hyperkyphosis? Check out the excerpt from YogaU’s online course on Yoga for Posture Improvement – The 7 Steps to Better Posture.

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Excerpt 3 – Julie Gudmestad: A Simple Yoga Technique to Improve Posture and Curb Forward Head Syndrome! 

Since forward head posture affects many yoga students as well, how can we help students overcome this common issue before it develops into chronic structural problems? And, how can we prevent forward head posture from triggering common alignment issues holding students back in yoga postures? Check out this simple yoga tip with Julie Gudmestad.


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