Yoga for Life: Breaking the Stress Cycle – Video Interview with Dr. B Grace Bullock

When stress builds up in our lives, it can feel like there’s a corked bottle inside us, shaken and ready to pop. And sometimes, despite our best intentions and best efforts, that bottle of pent-up frustration and anger does pop. It can feel like a release in the moment, but unfortunately, few things can wreak such havoc on our relationships as those outbursts of anger and frustration. If this goes on for extended periods of time, it can take a tremendous toll on our life, work, and relationships.

How Yoga Can Help Reverse the Stress Cycle 

So what can we do? Stuffing our emotions doesn’t feel right, but letting go can hurt the things we care about most.  

The answer lies in getting to the root of the problem. All too often, says Dr. B. Grace Bullock in this interview, there is one simple reason that we tend to overreact. When we’re under too much stress, the body gets stuck in fight or flight mode. While fight or flight mode is a natural defense mechanism, our bodies aren’t designed to sustain the state. Prolonged stress not only causes health problems, it leaves us anxious, irritable and angry—or depressed and exhausted.

In this interview, Dr. Bullock shares insights into how specific yogic tools can help us reverse this vicious cycle. Once we learn how, yoga can help us rewire the brain and the nervous system to diffuse the stress response, and develop greater mindfulness and control of our life. Dr. Bullock discusses the program she has used successfully in her own yoga therapy practice to teach clients the essential techniques and tools to help reduce stress and reactivity, and in turn develop a more easeful approach to the challenges of everyday living. Click below to listen, and also see below for Dr. Bullock’s online yoga course focused on specific yogic tools for stress relief!

Video Interview

Study online with Dr. Bullock: BREATHE: Yogic Tools for Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Relationships

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