Yoga in Incremental Steps of Learning – Anatomy Based Yoga Teaching Methodology with Julie Gudmestad

Do you have to become a physical therapist to become a good yoga teacher?

Fortunately, no. With the right teacher, you can learn the essential anatomy needed to teach yoga effectively.

But unfortunately, most yoga teacher training just teach you the names of the main muscle groups and bony landmarks. That is not enough to know how to apply anatomy in a systematic way to enhance your yoga teaching.

Why is there this almost universal shortcoming in yoga teacher trainings?

Because the knowledge about how to integrate the knowledge of anatomy into yoga teaching methodology is not readily available.

One of the few yoga teachers who has done this effectively is Julie Gudmestad, P.T. With a background of more than four decades as a P.T. and an Iyengar Yoga teacher, Julie has pretty much developed the gold standard for Anatomy-Based Yoga Teaching Methodology.

If you wonder just how to teach effectively to older beginners or students with varying levels of ability, this is your answer. With Julie’s approach to Anatomy-Based Yoga Teaching Methodology, you will learn to teach yoga in incremental steps of learning to suit the needs of all body types and experience levels.

Curious to see an example? In the video below,  Julie Gudmestad, Julie discusses the Anatomy-Based Yoga Teaching Methodology she has developed, and gives an example of it, showing how to  apply it by teaching Downward Dog in incremental steps of learning.

This video is an excerpt from the YogaU Wellness Educator Professional Training for yoga teachers, focused on helping teachers develop the skills they need to observe the musculoskeletal limitations students bring to their yoga practice and then create steps of incremental learning to help students work with limitations and gradually progress in their practice.

To learn more about the YogaUOnline Yoga Wellness Educator Training, click here. And, enjoy your talk with Julie Gudmestad!

For more information on the YogaUOnline Yoga Wellness Educator Training, click here.