John F. Barnes Interview Part III: The Different Components of Myofascial Release: Rebounding and Unwinding

In Part III of our 45-minute interview with John F. Barnes, founder of Myofascial Release, John discusses the different components of Myofascial Release: rebounding and unwinding. 

What happens to the body when we go through trauma? The force is so intense that the tissues solidify nearly instantaneously. That trauma can become like a broken record, replaying continuously and creating terrible pain. Only when the body starts to unwind is that energy able to move and the body can heal itself. Yoga can be a valuable tool, John says, for starting that much needed unwinding.


In this interview, John discusses his energetic approach- a combination of structural unwinding and an oscillatory motion called rebounding. Learn how John uses his hands and his voice to guide yoga positions to facilitate structural unwinding and rebounding. “A lot of the structural fascial releases occur before end range.,” John notes. “ The end range actually flows into some protection and slows down the results. You’ll get better results if you can back off and let the body’s wisdom lead.” 

For more from this interview, see the links below the video.

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