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Yoga for children is becoming more and more popular. While it’s not surprising to find yoga for kids classes offered in studios nationwide, increasingly, many schools are also integrating sessions of yoga for children in their curricula. And for good reason. Yoga  benefits kids in numerous ways. It develops their motor skills, flexibility and coordination and, more importantly, it builds their self-awareness and self-esteem.

Children will naturally fall in love with yoga, but it does take special training and skills in a yoga teacher to teach to this delightful and youthful audience. There is a growing demand for teachers of yoga for kids.  There are many kids yoga teacher training programs  available, and one of the more comprehensive training packages of yoga for kids is offered by Global Family Yoga. The yoga for kids teacher training offered by Global Family Yoga covers several modules.

Planting Seeds. This module kids yoga teacher training for ages 5-7. The prospective teacher learns to use stories, games, and other play settings as the medium for teaching yoga. You also know the various aspects of children’s development needs that should be attended to. Techniques for creating effective environments for teaching are also covered.

Taking Root. This is for teachers of yoga for children aged 8-10. Because children in this age group can be more fully engaged in instructions, the kids yoga teachers training at this stage emphasizes more accurate execution of yoga poses and better explanation of the benefits the kids will experience. Yoga instructors learn how to look for and build up positive behavior in cooperative social settings.

Branching Out. This is the module on yoga for kids aged 11-13. This is a critical period leading into the turmoil of adolesence. Kids yoga teacher training for this age group include techniques for controlled breathing and relaxation, to help students find relief from the challenges and turmoil of the teenage years. This also offers more in-depth explanations about each yoga pose, to help students acquire greater understanding of the subtle aspects of yoga.

Prospective teachers of yoga for kids who wish to be certified will need to complete 180 hours of training sessions plus 20 hours of practicum.

Aside from kids yoga teacher training, Global Family Yoga also offers modules designed for older teens, young adults, and family groups. Specific training modules explain the philosophy and ethics of yoga, the human anatomy as related to yoga’s physical and energy (chakra) systems, and practical instructions on how to live a yoga lifestyle.

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