Female yoga student practicing seated forward bend (paschimottanasana) with yoga bolster for support.

Chances are at least one person in your life—a family member, someone you work with, or a good friend—has high blood pressure and takes one or more pills a day to bring it under control. Why so likely? Because high blood pressure—what doctors call hypertension—affects one in three adults in the United States. 

Dr. Baxter Bell: Yoga for Heart Health - How to Tune up Your Circulatory System

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Woman practicing bound angle yoga pose to relieve high blood pressure

Does Yoga Relieve High Blood Pressure? What the Research Says

https://www.yogauonline.com/yogau-wellness-blog/5-ways-lower-blood-pressure-naturally A recent research review of the effects of yoga for high blood pressure concluded that regular yoga practice may lower blood pressure. But we still know too little about which types of yoga practice work and how much practice is needed to be effective. Read more

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How Yoga Therapy Helps Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Diet and exercise are well-known remedies for lowering high blood pressure naturally. Less well known, perhaps, is that yoga offers natural therapy for high blood pressure as well. Read more