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Many children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs face challenges in how their brains and bodies respond to stress. This easily causes them to live in a state of heightened arousal, which can negatively impact health, mood, and behavior.

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Growing Positive: 5 Ways Yoga Can Help Your Child

Does your child have difficulty managing their emotions, making friends or concentrating at school? Does the slightest thing set them off? Do they have frequent emotional or even destructive outbursts?... Read more

Yoga for Kids: 6 Ways Yoga Can Keep Your Kids Fit and Healthy

You probably already know that yoga is a healthy activity for adults, but have you ever considered introducing it to your kids? Many adults tend to shy away from yoga as an appropriate activity for children,... Read more

Playtime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Toddlers

As a teacher of “Toddler and Me Yoga,” a class designed for children aged 12 to 36 months, I’m often asked, “How can you possibly expect to teach yoga for that age range?” The questions usually continue with... Read more

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Yoga for Kids

Healthy Kids: Down Dog Brings Test Scores Up

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Yoga for School Readiness: Building Socio-Emotional Skills in Preschool

It’s generally well-known—bemoaned by some, praised by others—that early childhood educators are introducing increasingly academic atmospheres and expectations in preschool classrooms; when toddlers and... Read more

Getting Babies to Sleep: Yoga and Ayurvedic Solutions

Many babies are natural born sleepers. It’s the first thing they do well. But, environmental and sunlight cues can sometimes make it difficult to get newborns into a sleeping routine. Ayurveda and baby yoga... Read more
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Easing the Symptoms of Childhood ADHD: Yoga Can Help

When a young child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the diagnosis is often more stressful than the condition, both for the child and the family. More than 1 in 10 American... Read more
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Youth Fitness on Steady Decline

It's almost a cliché that as parents watch their toddlers run around, they sigh to their friends, "I wish I had that kind of energy." The irony is that in another seven years, those same parents may well... Read more

Iyengar Yoga Shows Potential to Help Kids with Chronic Pain

Childhood is a time of life that is supposed to be all about innocence, play, and enjoyment. Yet, in today’s society, as many as 45 percent of children suffer from chronic pain, ranging from headaches to stomachaches and backaches, according to researchers at the Pediatric Pain Program at UCLA. Read more

Yoga for Kids: Helping Children Suffering from Chronic Stomach Pain

Childhood should be a time to play and have fun—not a time to struggle with chronic stomach pain! Yet this remains the reality for many children today. The condition, known as functional abdominal pain, comes with a list of stomach issues, including pain and nausea among others. What they all have in common is that none of them show a physical cause upon testing. Doctors believe, though, that stress and anxiety may be to blame. Read more