Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Patrice Priya Wagner
Senior woman practicing yoga at home, making Alternate Nostril Breathing or nadi shodhana

When I teach yoga for multiple sclerosis (MS), I bring firsthand knowledge of the disease. I was diagnosed with it in 1988. My illness has progressed slowly over the years with some invisible symptoms like fatigue and heat intolerance, worsening much more than any visible manifestation like difficulty walking. The way MS presents in each individual can be so different that I often call it a “designer disease.” It’s hard to find two people with the exact same set of symptoms showing up to the same degree.

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yoga for back pain with Robin Rothenberg

How Yoga for MS Can Help (And It's Not Just About The Poses)

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Dahn Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis Success Stories

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yoga for ms

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Profile: Yoga for MS a "Small" Task

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Why Yoga for MS?

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Getting the Most out of Yoga for MS

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