Dahn Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis Success Stories

Lonnie Hlusko was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003.  For many people, day-to-day life would have stopped immediately, but, for the next seven years, Hlusko managed to maintain her active lifestyle, working for an ultrasound company and running a non-profit to bring ultrasound technology to health professionals abroad.

But in January 2010, Hlusko found that the symptoms from her MS made working impossible, and she was forced to give up her job to go on disability.  But now, only a year later, her symptoms are under control. The radical change in her body came from taking Dahn Yoga classes at Lenny Suehlke’s Body + Brain Center in Colorado.

Before taking up yoga, Hlukso couldn’t lift herself off the floor without assistance.  Now she’s lost 25 pounds, gained strength and flexibility, and is able to care for both her grandson and her 82-year-old mother.

The Dahn Yoga website has published a similarly impressive testimonial.  Nola Tresslar was suffering form MS, arthritis and double scoliosis of the spine.  She took up Dahn Yoga at the suggestion of her neurologist, and found that her balance and strength had improved so much that she no longer had to receive the painful injections that are a common treatment for MS symptoms.

“I can’t get rid of my MS, but I can make my body strong enough to deal with it and live my life more normally,” she said. “Dahn Yoga has become a part of my lifestyle and I invite anyone that wants to help their body feel better and heal to join me.”

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