Your Nervous System on Yoga – How Yoga Helps Balance Mind and Body

Studies have shown that yoga offers a wide range of benefits in a surprisingly wide range of areas. These include not just the enhancement of physical fitness but improvement in several areas relating to nervous system functioning, such as awareness and mindfulness, self-regulation of internal physiological and psychological states, as well as the development of … Continued

Free Download! Why Most People Get Core Strengthening Wrong

When we think about core exercises, we typically focus on muscular strength and toning. But in fact, most people get core strengthening wrong, says physical therapist and yoga expert Diana Zotos Florio in this free download. We know that having a strong and balanced core body is essential to retain structural integrity and prevent or … Continued

Free Download! Nurturing the Nurturer: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Women’s Health

The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but in most families, the stressful and trauma-inducing events of the last few years have been disproportionately hard on women. Shouldering the burden of caring for their families on top of their other responsibilities, many women are running on empty with little time to take care of themselves … Continued

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Are you a yoga teacher looking for ways to help those of your students who struggle with chronic pain issues in their practice? Or, are you curious about which yoga approaches can be useful to help deal with pain issues and prevent them from becoming chronic? It is the rare person on this planet who … Continued

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As we begin to imagine what life will be like in the post-pandemic era, the question on many people’s mind is this: Will the pandemic have a lasting effect on the practice and teaching of yoga? Post-pandemic, will yoga practice and teaching go back to the way things were in the “good old days?” Or, … Continued

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If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from back pain, you understand the impact on your daily life. According to the American Chronic Pain Association, one in four adults in the U.S. report low back pain lasting at least one day in the last three months. And contrary to popular beliefs, … Continued

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The practices of yoga are meant to touch the whole fabric of our lives, not just our physical health. In this free download, renowned yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater talks about the yogic wisdom contained in the Yamas and Niyamas and shows how they have profound practical relevance for life and living even thousands of … Continued