Donna Brooks

"It's time to feel better in your body. It's time to feel better in your life." ~ Donna Brooks

Study Yoga Online with Donna Brooks

Yoga Therapist

Donna Brooks is an ISMETA registered somatic movement educator and therapist and a certified Yoga therapist. She designs and teaches yoga-based therapeutic programs for diverse populations, especially baby boomers, the aging or injured, and people with chronic illness and chronic pain

She has designed and taught the Yoga for Menopause program for Kaiser Permanente Insurance, and a program for cancer patients and survivors at Cancer Connection in Northampton MA. She also teaches yoga and relaxation for chronic pain through the Valley Medical Group. Early in her career she assisted Iyengar teacher Karin Stephen in her programs for people with HIV-AIDS.

Through study with Thomas Hanna and Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen and others she has integrated somatic movement therapy with yoga. Her approach is to help people “live differently by moving differently.”


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