Narelle Carter Quinlan

"Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self." ~The Bhagavad Gita

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Yoga Teacher, Yoga for Scoliosis

Narelle Carter-Quinlan BAppSc (Biomed, Hum Mov Stud) is a global leading exponent on yoga with scoliosis and embodied spinal anatomy. An anatomist by academic, experiential and yes, cadaveric training, her unique body of work integrates the practice of yoga with the embodiment of anatomy and embryology. Passionate about her subject and vibrantly engaging, Narelle has guest presented to sell out workshops and lectures at Yoga Union Centre for Backcare and Scoliosis in New York City. She has taught the spinal anatomy and scoliosis research component of Elise Miller’s yoga for scoliosis Teacher Training in San Francisco, has taught in Europe, the UK, New Zealand, and her native Australia. She presents her scholarly and movement research in yoga and the spine at International peer reviewed Conferences, including the World Congress for Low Back Pain, the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, The Australian Osteopathic Convention, and twice at the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference. Renowned for her rich PowerPoint presentations and deep, yet playful teachings on Spinal Anatomy, Narelle delights in illuminating the complex with originality, humour and story.

With her formal training and apprenticeship in the Iyengar method of yoga unravelling close to two decades, Narelle’s yoga and movement practice spans five. She is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director, currently researching House of the Broken Wing, a performative, film and written exploration of moving in a scoliotic landscape.

Most deep, is Narelle’s ongoing signature enquiry of the body as felt, known, poetic space; consciousness within our interior terrain. Her Embodied Ecology Photography© juxtaposes aspects of our inner body and the Land (a good use for her Histology training!). She has self published a photo book Australian Skin, which launched in New York City at Yoga Union Backcare, May 2012, at her digital exhibition and movement-sound performance by the same name.

Narelle is currently developing a suite of eBooks, eCourses and eTrainings on yoga with scoliosis, and embodied spinal anatomy and embryology. And yes, she is (finally) completing her book Notes from the Mat, a story of journey, practice, science and image. Her vision lies in creating a retreat centre on the eastern seaboard of Australia, offering a dedicated, focused space for yoga with scoliosis intensives (Studio Scoliosis©), together with embodied meditation and other services. Stage 1 of this project has begun-yay!

Click here to listen to a podcast with Narelle as she discusses yoga for scoliosis.

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