Foundations of Structural Health: Body Reading, Postural Assessment and Asana Prescription

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Many yoga students have posture imbalances or habitual holding patterns, which affect alignment in their practice of yoga asanas. In this course, yoga teacher and physical therapist Chrys Kub shows how to develop awareness of the common muscle imbalances that create postural dysfunctions and how to harness the power of asana to improve posture over time.

Learning to address structural imbalances is not just important for alignment in yoga, it can also have significant implications for our long-term health. Structural imbalances often translate into chronic problems, which over time develop into those hard-to-remedy back problems, hip, knee or other joint problems that many people struggle with as they get older.

What You Will Learn

  • What “optimal alignment” is and how to identify common postural deviations in yourself and/or yoga students;
  • The most common muscular holding patterns causing posture imbalances;
  • How to use biomechanical postural assessment to assess static holding patterns and muscle imbalances
  • Which yoga asanas target each specific type of muscle imbalance;
  • How to integrate specific dynamic and therapeutic yoga postures in a yoga practice to increase balance and symmetry in the annamaya kosha.

Develop a larger toolbox for your teaching skills – or “simply” learn how to understand your own body better! It offers an in-depth understanding of the biomechanics of common postural patterns and their long-term effects in the body. It also provides an asana prescription of both active and supported asanas for postural alignment. While you will get tools to develop an individualized practice around specific posture issues, you will also learn how to plan a general yoga practice which creates balance and symmetry, while emphasizing common postural imbalances seen in the general population.

This Course Also Includes:

  • Video Yoga Practice: For the trained eye, the body has many secrets to tell. Chrys has prepared a special video in which she step by step walks us though how to use the principles covered in the two online course session to assess the posture and overall structural balance of your yoga students. This creates an entirely new foundation not just for working with students in individual sessions, but also for knowing which yoga poses to emphasize to help students make the most progress in your yoga classes.
  • Recordings of Both Sessions – Yours to keep. It’s generally acknowledged that many people only retain 10-20 percent of what they learn in a workshop. You will get the recordings of both on-line sessions (both MP3 – downloadable and MP4 – streaming online), enabling you to go back and listen to the workshop as many times as you like.
  • Transcripts of Both Sessions – Ever wanted to refer to a certain part of a course? Even the best note takers miss a point every so often. With the transcripts of the sessions, you can go back and refer to particularly important passages or clarify sections you were in doubt about.

This course qualifies for 3 CEs with Yoga Alliance.

Chrys Kub, PT, E-RYT 500 received her Masters in Physical Therapy and Biokinesiology from the University of Southern California. She is an integrative physical therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience.

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