Free Download! Reclaiming Your Power: The Many Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Survivors

While the war on cancer still sadly is far from succeeding, advances in detection and treatments have vastly increased the number of people surviving cancer.  

While that is good news, unfortunately, cancer survivors often face numerous significant after-effects that undermine their quality of life, says yoga teacher and cancer specialist Vicky Fox in this free download.  

“Most people are not aware of just how long the effects of cancer linger on after the treatment has ended,” notes Fox.  

Most survivors are forced to deal with long-term effects from toxic treatments like chemotherapy, drugs, radiation, and surgery, and most struggle with lingering pain, fatigue, nerve damage, lymphedema, and many other issues that can linger for years.  

Unfortunately, this vast population often falls through the cracks of the traditional medical system, says Fox, who specializes in addressing these overlooked issues in the cancer survivor population.  

Not surprisingly, dealing with stress and anxiety is one of the main challenges among those diagnosed with and treated for cancer.  

This is where yoga can make a big difference, notes Fox.  

“Yoga’s tools for body awareness, movement, breathing, relaxation, and community support can dramatically aid wellbeing for those touched by cancer,” says Fox. “Yoga offers techniques to treat the whole person. It can empower survivors with tools for self-care as they learn to thrive in their ‘new normal.’” 

Yoga is also uniquely equipped to address many lingering physical effects of cancer treatments, particularly issues with the lymphatic system, she notes.  

She discusses how certain yoga postures, breathing techniques, and sequences that help stimulate lymphatic drainage are used when teaching cancer survivors, often providing significant relief.  

Cancer-related fatigue is extremely common among cancer survivors, resulting both from the disease process itself and its invasive treatments.  

Paradoxically, research shows staying active best combats fatigue and preserves precious muscle mass. Fox notes that a regular yoga practice with gentle movement and brief, accessible exercise “snacks” throughout the day can help keep survivors engaged and mobile at a maintainable level. 

Research increasingly links physical movement of any kind with better cancer outcomes, notes Fox. Beyond that, yoga radiates benefits into the emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions of wellbeing, which are too often overlooked in conventional cancer care models. 

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Vicky Fox is a yoga teacher and trainer who has been teaching yoga for cancer classes since 2013 and teaching yoga since 2008.

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