Free Download! The New Science of Stretching: How To Integrate Advanced Muscle Energy Techniques Into Yoga

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Concerned that you are losing flexibility and range of motion over the years? For many people, as we get on the other side of 50, joints begin to get stiffer, and you just don’t move as freely as you used to.

Sounds familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this exciting interview, Dr. Joe Vella and yoga therapist Lynn Crimando talk about how combining knowledge from modern science with the ancient science of yoga can help create a novel approach to flexibility and movement reeducation.

New advances in our understanding of muscle dynamics and the interface between muscle functioning and the nervous system have opened new gateways to curbing some of the common age-related changes in our mobility, they explain in this free talk.

Dr. Joe Vella is an expert physical therapist in Old Greenwich, CT with training in some of the most advanced techniques for neuromuscular integration.

Lynn Crimando is a yoga therapist and lead trainer for YogaUOnline’s Wellness Yoga Certification Programs.

Together, they have formed an innovative and pioneering relationship integrating advanced techniques from PT, manual therapy and neuromuscular reeducation with the ancient techniques of yoga.

A lot of people come to yoga because they want to gain greater flexibility. But as most people discover, there’s a lot more to increase our flexibility than just doing static stretching, note Dr. Joe and Lynn.

They discuss how integrating advanced stretching techniques into our yoga practice can help us make greater gains in our mobility and range of motion.

Most people think in terms of flexibility when they think of stretching, note Dr. Joe and Lynn. But increasing mobility is not just about stretching muscles. You also have to retrain and reeducate the nervous system, they explain.

Dr. Joe and Lynn also discuss their upcoming course, using a ground-breaking integration of ancient yogic postures with modern muscle energy techniques, which hack the nervous system to enhance flexibility and get greater gains from your stretching routine.

Unlike traditional stretching methods that focus solely on flexibility, they note, their course on upper body mobility techniques takes a holistic approach to body mechanics. It is time to redefine stretching and understand the interconnectedness of the human body, including the relationship between the nervous system, muscles, and movement patterns, they note.

Also check out Dr. Joe’s and Lynn’s course: Unlock Your Upper Body’s Full Potential with Advanced Stretching Techniques.

Lynn Crimando serves as the teaching mentor for YogaUOnline’s Wellness Educator Program. Dr. Joseph Vella is a physical therapist currently treating patients at Elite Health Services in Old Greenwich, CT.

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