Yoga for High Blood Pressure & Stress Management Combo Package

Blood Pressure

Yoga for High Blood Pressure, Session 1

When it comes to practicing yoga to regulate blood pressure, it’s not one size fits all. In this class, Dr. Baxter Bell teaches a gentle yoga practice for students with normal blood pressure, who may have a family history of hypertension as well as other risk factors, and who desire to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Yoga For High Blood Pressure, Session 2

The best time to prevent high blood pressure is while your blood pressure is still normal. In this practice, Dr. Baxter Bell continues his series of practices for students at risk for developing high blood pressure. This class is for students who have been advancing in their yoga practice and have mastered much of the Part 1 Practices.

Yoga for High Blood Pressure, Session 3

This gentle yoga practice if for students who have a history of (or have recently been diagnosed with) high blood pressure, and whose condition has not yet been controlled with medications. Dr. Baxter Bell guides students through some basic yoga practices, with a strong emphasis on gentle moves and relaxing postures.

Yoga for High Blood Pressure, Session 4

This gentle yoga class targets people with high blood pressure, who are being effectively treated and have blood pressure readings in the normal range. The practice includes breath work, along with soothing strengthening and stretching postures to help reduce stress and normalize blood pressure

Yoga for Stress Management, Session 1

It’s been said that sitting is the new smoking in terms of health concerns. Most of us have jobs in which we’re in this sedentary position for sometimes up to even 8 or 10 hours a day, which compounds the effects of daily stress. Dr. Baxter Bell has designed this practice to get you out of your chair and back in your body! Notice how your stress levels are at the end of the class: numerous scientific studies show that yoga improves cortisol levels and other factors associated with stress.

Yoga for Stress Management, Session 2

If you spend a lot of time sitting at an office, whether at home or at work, this practice will give you tools you can use throughout the day to refresh yourself, mentally and physically, and actually perform at a higher level. Follow Dr. Baxter Bell through a practice designed to benefit your body, mind, and the quality of your work.

Yoga for Stress Management, Session 3

If you have an anxious response to stress you might sometimes find it a challenge to just sit down and relax. This affects not only how you feel and how you hold yourself, but your health as well. In this video, Dr. Baxter Bell guides you through a practice that will get you moving in your body to release the physical manifestations of a nervous or worry-based stress response. At the end of the practice, you should be able to drop into a quieter place.

Yoga for Stress Management, Session 4

When we face a lot of demands, at work or in our personal life, it can affect our ability to focus and concentrate. We might have a hard time staying focused on finishing small projects, let alone big ones. This practice designed by Dr. Baxter Bell combats this common side effect of persistent stress. In this class, you will bring your mind into different states of awareness and a better relationship with your body and breath. You should see a difference in overall concentration ability between the beginning and end of the practice.

This course qualifies for 6.75 CEs with Yoga Alliance.

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Baxter Bell, MD, E-RYT 500 fell in love with yoga in 1993 while he was working full-time as a family physician. He has great appreciation for the potential of yoga for fostering health, healing, and equanimity.

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