How to Move Beyond the Limitations of Your Body: Tapping Into the Power of BodySensing Yoga

We relate to the world through our concepts of it: our thoughts, our analysis of what we perceive, our memories. Likewise, we relate to our body in the same way: most of us have assembled an idea of our body as a limited shell; confining, even blocked. However, if we can let go of our preconceptions about our body and dive into the level of pure, experienced sensation, we can begin to experience our body as it truly is: an unlimited expanse of vibration; a contraction of the awareness in which it lives.

This is the focus of BodySensing Yoga.

Taught on YogaUOnline by yoga teacher and iRest founder Dr. Richard Miller, BodySensing yoga provides practitioners with a direct means to move beyond the confines of the mind and our ideas about our body. The practice emphasizes, again and again, letting go of concepts about “what is” in favor of what is actually experienced. Instead of striving for alignment or proper form in poses, these classes continually remind the student to turn their awareness to function: what is happening in the body? What sensations arise? 

For many yoga students, the focus of BodySensing Yoga requires them to let go of all they’ve learned on the mat before, and approach practice from a completely new angle. The rewards, however, are profound. As we bring our attention in close intimacy with our body, we allow the body’s intelligence to take over. Naturally, the body will begin to process old, held habits. Various sensations may arise. Energy patterns begin to shift. And as they do so, we begin to experience our body for what it is: a collection of frequencies that extend, without border our boundary, far beyond the physical space we have imagined we occupy.

Enjoy the short excerpt below of Dr. Richard Miller’s BodySensing Sun Salutation practice. If you’d like to try the whole practice, it’s offered through our Free 21-Day Yoga Challenge, which you can sign up for here.

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