John F. Barnes Interview Part IV: A Yoga Approach to Myofascial Release-Unwinding and Rebounding

This is Part IV of our 45-minute interview with John F. Barnes, founder of Myofascial Release. In this section, John discusses a yoga approach to Myofascial Release through unwinding and rebounding.

John likens our bodies and their fascial restrictions to a stone with water poured onto it: the surface of the stone gets wet and the interior remains untouched.  Likewise, our body be getting inundated with nutritious food and fresh air, but the salubrious effects won’t reach our interior if we are suffering from fascial restrictions.

In this final section of the interview, John invites viewers to try a yoga pose and experience the energetic shift that happens during myofascial release for themselves. John guides listeners in a way that they can apply to any yoga pose, on their own.


For more from this interview, see the links below the video.

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