Yoga Therapy Trainings: Divine Center of Yoga

The Divine Center of Yoga in Southlake, Texas was founded by long-term yoga teachers Gusti Ratliff and Rebecca Kohler. In addition to providing traditional yoga classes, the center also offers a yoga therapy teacher training course for yoga instructors wishing to receive yoga therapy certification. Rather than offering an integrated 500-hr. program in yoga therapy, the center offers individual therapeutic yoga courses targeted for specific conditions, such as yoga for ms.

Yoga Therapy, as taught by the Divine Yoga Center, offers individualized yoga instruction that has been tailored to treat the specific needs of the recipient. It combines yoga and physical therapy to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as back, neck and joint pain, as well as offering  yoga for ms. The Divine Yoga Center also offers yoga therapy courses in the principles of Ayurvedic health and healing.

Gusti specializes in yoga therapy for back, neck, and shoulder problems. Gusti developed the Divine Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training program in order to educate others in the utilization of yoga as a valuable healing tool. Taught in the traditional Hatha and Vinyasa styles, this yoga therapy teacher training course includes instruction in anatomy and physiology, along with an in-depth look at several common conditions.

The Divine Yoga Centers’ yoga therapy training program places a strong focus on Ayurvedic medicine and courses cover Ayurvedic psychology, diagnosis and also offer instruction in the use of aromatherapy to balance the doshas.  The yoga therapy courses also examine the function of the traditional chakra system, and its relationship to typical western medical diagnosis.

Students are required to have a Yoga Alliance recognized certification of RYT-200, or equivalent. In order to receive yoga therapy certification. Upon completion of this intense yoga therapy training, graduates will be qualified to successfully apply yoga therapy in a clinical setting. This will provide their clients with one-on-one instruction specifically designed to treat individual conditions, ultimately providing the practitioner with the opportunity to expand their practice and career horizons.

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