YogaU 21-day Challenge—Week 1 Yoga Practices

Welcome – here are your first practices! Pick one that fits your experience level and mood.

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Sun Salutations With Cyndi Lee (Beginners) 

In this class Cyndi explores Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar, one of the most ubiquituous sequences in yoga. Sun Saluations confer numerous benefits. By combining movement and conscious breathing, Sun Salutations warm up the entire system from the inside out, increasing the coordination between body and breath and deepening the breath.

Jasmine’s Bad Ass Core Workout (Intermediate)

Core strength goes beyond getting “six-pack abs.” In this practice, you will strengthen all the core stabilizing muscles that support healthy posture, so that your core can serve you better on the mat and off.

Kristin Olson: Quieting Evening Flow

End your day with this quieting Level 1/2 class that highlights forward folds. This 60-minute, level 1/2 class takes you through a nice warm-up and modified Surya Namaskar to standing poses and finally forward folds, which for many elicit an introspective quieting state of mind. For those with tight hamstrings, props, clear instructions and anatomical explanations will make this family of poses accessible.

Easy-on-the-Wrists Sun Salutes with Melina Meza

A great way to get the benefits of Sun Salutations without wrist strain! with For people with wrist or shoulder injuries, this class offers alternative Sun Salutation movements that allow you to do the sequence you love without putting weight in your wrists or upper body.