YogaU 21-day Challenge—Week 2 – Therapeutics & Tutorials

Sarah Finger: Balancing Vata Series—Yoga for Grounding (Advanced Beginners)

According to the science of Ayurveda, Vata dosha is the biological force of nature that relates to the element of air. When this dosha is out of balance we feel ungrounded, unstable, and are easily distracted. This class will help to create stability in the body and clarity in the mind by focusing on postures that enhance our connection to the earth.

Baxter Bell: Yoga for High Blood Pressure—Preventive Practice (All Levels)

When it comes to practicing yoga to regulate blood pressure, it’s not one size fits all. In this class, Dr. Baxter Bell teaches a gentle yoga practice for students with normal blood pressure, who may have a family history of hypertension as well as other risk factors, and who desire to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Tutorial: Preparing for Arm Balances with Kate Heffernan (Advanced Beginners, Intermediate)

Arm balances can be challenging, but they are a wonderful way to build strength and balance, both inside and out. In this class, Kate Heffernan guides you through a slow flow practice building to Bakasana (Crow Pose) with an emphasis on extended Table Top, Plank, Malasana and Malasana preparation, as well as Bakasana preparation with blocks.