YogaU 21-day Challenge—Week 2 Yoga Practices

Ana Forrest: Creating Embodiment—Nourishing the Heart  (Adv. Beginners)

Ana Forrest - Online yoga practice

Listen to the drum beat of your own heart in this beautiful practice with Ana Forrest. Ana guides you in a profoundly nourishing practice that will help you turn off the incessant chatter of the mind and create greater embodiment. As you learn to listen to your heart and body, you tune into the infinite song of life that is always present – we just need a mind that is quiet enough to listen.

Katie Silcox: Moon Vinyasa—Mastering the Mind  (Adv. Beginners, Intermediate)

This flow looks to the soothing energy of the moon to balance the energy in the mind and body. It takes the attention inward in order to build stillness, clarity, and stability. It will allow the practitioner to dive deep into the heart of practices that ensure steadiness and self mastery.

Gabriel Halpern: Yoga for Stress Relief  (All Levels)

Gabriel Halpern Online Yoga

Stress of life got you exhausted and feeling low? This restorative practice is perfect for anyone seeking relief from fatigue, apathy, and low motivation. We have a whole pharmacopeia of feel-good chemicals in our brain waiting to be released. Yoga can help elicit these wonderful feelings to bring back the clarity and joy of being in a relaxed body with a mind in harmony with itself. All levels.