YogaU 21-day Challenge—Week 3 Yoga Practices

Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie Lasater: Finding Stillness

Focusing on gratitude and joy- we will learn simple techniques for self care. By spending just a few minutes practicing Restorative yoga, we begin to soothe the over stimulated sympathetic nervous system and find relief from the stress of our busy lives. Paradoxically, by giving ourselves the gift of intense rest, we will discover more energy for family, work and creativity. (All Levels)

Julie Gudmestad: New Light On Camel Pose—Ustrasana

In this 60-minute class, Julie guides us through a heart-opening sequence that culminates in Ustrasasana, Camel Pose. We will work on opening the front of the shoulders, the hip flexors, and stretching the quads as part of preparing the body for full Camel Pose. This is also an excellent class for improving posture and counteracting the all too common forward slump. (Advanced Beginners, Intermediate, Yoga Teachers)

Kate O’Donnell: Half Primary Series

This quick, rhythmic practice takes you through sun salutations, standing sequence, the first half of the primary series linked by vinyasa, backbending, 3 seated postures, and rest. Traditional and modified versions of the Marichasana sequence are detailed. Grow a comfortable “Beginning Primary” practice before attempting half primary. (Intermediate, Yoga Teachers)

Whole Body Detox: Stable, Integrated Twist Practice With Carrie Owerko

Twists are known as some of yoga’s major detoxifying poses: they increase circulation, stimulate the internal organs, release tension in the muscles of the back and spine, and improve mobility. This sequence focuses on engaging and integrating the whole body in these twists, so as to gain maximal benefit from each pose.