Why Sitting Cross-Legged Might Not Be Healthy

Eve Johnson
Sitting cross-legged as depicted in image can negatively affect your posture and your feet.

In every Original Alignment class, you’ll hear physical cues: relaxed pelvis with weight in the front, ribs down, chin released, weight in the heels, abdominals engaged but not tense. But there’s another layer of teaching, the work's pithy sayings, maxims, and guiding principles. Each one, in fact, is a little piece of what we might call universal law. It really doesn’t matter whether you believe them or not. They’re just true, as much a fact of life as gravity. My teachers, most notably Jean Couch, have repeated one or another of these condensed bits of brilliance in almost every class.

 Mature yoga students practicing half forward bend with the support of chairs.

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