Osteoporosis: 5 Ways to Keep Bones Strong

Christine Carr c-IAYT, eRYT 500
Cropped shot of a group of people practicing yoga at the park.

You don’t need me to convince you that exercise benefits you. Or how maintaining a base fitness level reduces your risk of injury, heart disease, and falls. I won’t tell you how regular exercise improves energy levels and sleep quality and helps fight depression. Instead, I’ll tell you that exercise is the single best conservative step you can take to protect your bones.

And you want strong bones, right?!

woman practicing yoga lunges while adding weights for strengthening

Yoga With Weights for Healthy Aging

As the birthdays roll by, from your early 30s, your muscles start to lose strength and mass. In general, it is a loss of just under one percent per year until your 60s, when the loss accelerates a little... Read more
Senior woman in activewear watching online courses on laptop while practicing strengthening poses at

8 Steps to a Targeted Yoga Practice for Osteoporosis

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 Mature yoga students practicing half forward bend with the support of chairs.

Is Yoga Helpful for Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones and makes them more brittle and, therefore, more susceptible to fracture. The word osteoporosis itself means “porous bone.” It is a common condition,... Read more
Senior woman performing yoga's Warrior 2 Pose at home.

4 Bone-Building Yoga Poses

As we age, it’s normal to lose some bone mass. But losing an excessive amount can lead to fractures of the hip and spine, loss of height, rounding of the upper back and limited mobility. Unfortunately, bone... Read more
Supta Baddha Konasana a restorative pose with props.

3 Yoga Practices to Support Pelvic Floor Health

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forward head posture

Yoga for Text Neck and Head Forward Posture

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Senior woman working out indoors standing in Tadasana, Mountain Pose

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Side view portrait of a young woman practicing Tadasana or Mountain Pose indoors

4 Yoga Poses for Better Posture

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Lovely smiling mature woman looking calm while carrying her yoga mat

Osteoporosis: Yoga for Strong Bones

Osteoporosis, osteopenia, falling, and breaking a hip—all of these are major medical and lifestyle concerns for many women over 50. Yet, the public health matter reaches far beyond that population. Men and... Read more
Smiling elderly woman resting on a swiss ball at home

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