Yoga Before and After Hip Replacement

The number of people with hip replacement is on the rise, and the largest increase is in the 45-54 age group.If you’re a yoga teacher looking to keep your students safe and/or attract more students for privates, it’s essential to learn how to teach yoga safely to this group of people. And, if you’re ‘simply’ … Continued

Yoga for Children

Lana Reed (aka Shakta Khalsa)  is one of the world’s leading experts on children and yoga, having worked with both since the mid-1970s. She is a trained yoga professional at the highest level (ERYT-500), In this 4-part audio series Lana discusses the following topics: Lesson One: Giving Children the Gift of Yoga Lesson Two: Yoga for … Continued

Heart & Soul Work with Children

Who are these children? Why are they here? What do they bring to our lives? What are the challenges they present? How can we turn the challenges into gifts? These are some of the ideas Lana Reed (aka Shakta Khalsa), a leading teacher of children’s yoga, will explore in this 3-part audio interactive lecture series. This … Continued

Yoga for Kids: Fostering Emotional Well-being, Creativity, and Imagination

Children are natural yogis. Their sense of playfulness and willingness to try new and often challenges yoga poses, activities and exercises allows for tremendous inner and outer growth and development. In this 2-part online course with children’s yoga expert Donna Freeman, founder of Yoga in My School, focuses on how the ancient practice of yoga can help our … Continued

Avoiding the #1 Yoga Mistake: Essential Keys to Healthy Hamstrings

Study yoga online with Doug Keller, author of Yoga As Therapy, who is widely regarded for his unique insights into the fine points of yoga anatomy and alignment. In this online yoga course (two live sessions, plus yoga practice video) Doug Keller focuses on the hamstrings, one of the most common sources of misalignment in yoga … Continued

Working with the Neurodiverse Child: Yoga for Kids with Autism & ADHD

Many children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs face challenges in how they respond to stress, tension, worry and anxiety. They can end up in a constant state of heightened arousal or anxiety, which can negatively impact health, mood and behavior. When we get stuck in this “fight or flight” state, we can develop … Continued