Somatic Yoga for Fascial Unwinding

Join James Knight through explorative somatic practices to help you unwind from stressful life experiences stored in our tissues (muscles and fascia).   Fascia is the interconnected fabric of embodiment. It is a body-wide communication matrix, and it’s the largest sensing organ of your nervous system. When we’ve had accidents, injuries, or other stressful life experiences, … Continued

Unlocking the Past: A Yogic Perspective on Healing Intergenerational Trauma

“Research suggests that unresolved PTSD can facilitate lasting physiological changes and that these modifications can be passed on to the next generation.” -Dr. Arielle Schwartz Does your family come with a secret story that is hard to tell? Indeed, most of us grow up in families which carry with us some history of past traumatic … Continued

Creating Embodiment – Developing Your Body Being

At the heart of our yoga practice lies the deepening relationship between mind and body. Most of us are raised to spend most of our life in our heads, but yoga invites us to develop a much wider experience of our being, and opens us to the rich sensory experience of the somatic landscape. Increasingly, … Continued

Yoga for Stress Management: Fostering Resilience and Well-Being On and Off the Mat

Why is it that some people are able to live and flourish through seemingly insurmountable challenges while others struggle with even the smallest of life difficulties? Modern research reveals that our capacity to experience resilience and well-being plays a vital role in our ability to lead a happy, healthy and contented life. How do we, then, … Continued

SomaSensing: Myofascial Release for Yoga Practitioners

We now know that muscles don’t work in isolation and instead form part of an intricate fascial web that connects and wraps around the body in lines of meridians that influence movement. Whole body movement practices like Feldenkrais, Yoga, Gyrotonics and Tai Chi already work with these lines. SomaSensing is a simple somatic movement practice … Continued

The Vagus Nerve and Yoga: Simple Techniques for Profound Shifts

The vagus nerve and contemporary Polyvagal Theory are exciting new topics in modern discourse, which have a wide range of applications for yoga practitioners. Contemporary thought about the vagus nerve and Polyvagal Theory sheds light on numerous traditional yoga concepts and practices. In particular, yoga’s deep inquiry into our mental and emotional life makes all … Continued