Free Download! Connecting with the Subtle: Yoga, Prana, and Paths to Healing


“The beauty of the practice of yoga is that it is one of the most comprehensive sets of practices that can help people wherever they’re at and with whatever they’re dealing with at this time and in this moment,” says yoga therapist Jeff Masters, founder of the Masters Institute in this free download.

First and foremost, Jeff notes, yoga helps us connect with and magnify Prana, the life force energy in our body.

If we look at systems of natural medicine, from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to Hippocrates, they all refer to a vital essence as the key elements in health and healing.

All holistic healing modalities have embraced this concept of universal life force energy that moves through and around all of us. It’s literally the ocean through which our consciousness comes from a single point in oneness into the manifest crystallized form of the physical body, Jeff notes.

The life force energy is central to the nourishment and the evolution of the physical body and our consciousness throughout the journey of life.

And the reason why yoga is such a powerful technique for health and well-being is that it helps us work with the subtler levels of body and mind where we can connect with the vital essence of Prana.

Yogic philosophy holds that Prana flows through the Nadis, the 60,000+ minute channels of the body. If those Nadis get clogged or go out of balance, the root of disease takes hold.

Jeff talks about how this concept has a lot of parallels to Western concepts of the different channels that transport blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid and so on. However, while the concept of the Nadis would include this, the Nadis are thought to exist at a much more subtle level.

“The journey of consciousness is from the subtle realm of unified oneness into the  crystallized form of the human experience, i.e., the human body,” Jeff notes. “In that continuum, there’s a layer where the subtle energy is actually circulating through the Nadis.”

Disease actually starts in the subtle channels, Jeff notes. When chronic blockages build up, it will show up as an imbalance in the Prana, which will then pervade the whole system, and it will eventually manifest as disease.

Being able to work with the root cause or the root seed, i.e. the subtle energy that underlies that entire solidification or crystallized process is an incredibly powerful tool, Jeff notes. This is why yoga is such an important tool for transformation.

He further talks about the mechanics of this process, the role of trauma and overwhelming experiences, as well as ways we can begin to connect and engage more actively with the subtle Prana body.

You may also be interested in Jeff’s upcoming course, Pranic Pathways of Transformation – Exploring the Link Between Our Nervous System and the Nadis.

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Long before teaching, Jeff was a devoted student and apprentice, studying & practicing the ancient wisdom teachings of the East. These deep roots contribute to his unprecedented ability to relate the original purpose of Yoga.

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