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Practice Channel Marlysa Sullivan

Asana as Meditation: Balancing Effort and Ease

This practice is about the experience of postures as meditation. The Yoga Sutras tell... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Experiencing a Full, Complete Breath

The breath is the carrier of life force, energy, or Prana, through the the body. It is the... more

Practice Channel Claudine Beeson

Give and Receive

This class is about the delicate balance of giving of ourselves to those around us and... more

Practice Channel Sarah Finger

Balancing Vata Series: Yoga for Grounding

According to the science of Ayurveda, Vata dosha is the biological force of nature that... more

Practice Channel Rhoda Miriam

Slow Yoga: Gentle Supine Practice

Not enough energy to hit your yoga mat? No problem! This gentle supine practice is designed to... more

Practice Channel Douglass Stewart

The Beauty of Breath

This practice highlights the breathing muscles by creating a series of poses that strengthens... more

Practice Channel Douglass Stewart

Moving Meditation

Experience the power of linking the breath with slow, fluid movement. This is a breath... more

Practice Channel Jasmine Punzalan

Upper Body Tension Release

Many of us hold stress in our upper body, causing tightness and discomfort in the upper back,... more

Practice Channel Claudine Beeson

Hot Hot Hot: Heat Up Your Core and More!

Turn up the temperature with this strong, dynamic flow designed to engage all your... more

Practice Channel Baxter Bell

Yoga for High Blood Pressure Part 1

When it comes to practicing yoga to regulate blood pressure, it's not one size fits all. In... more

Practice Channel Puy Navarro

Warrior of the Small Things

To be a warrior means to be authentic in everything we do in life. The Warrior of Small Things... more