Why Yoga for MS?

Doctors recognize the importance of physical activity for those diagnosed with MS, and recently yoga has come to the forefront as an excellent technique for MS management. Whether MS symptoms are confined to few or no flare-ups, or whether a person is confined to a wheel chair, yoga can be beneficial as therapy for MS.

By practicing yoga therapy for MS, those with the condition experience increased body awareness and develop a natural resistance to stress. Learning to work with the breath along with practicing restorative postures cools the body and calms the nervous system, resulting in an increased tolerance to heat as well as improved circulation and respiration.

Yoga for MS also helps develop harmony between the muscular and nervous systems of the body, resulting in more fluid movement and relief from muscle tension, decreasing spasticity.

The yoga poses for MS work most of the body’s muscle groups while developing the joints for greater range of motion. This results in increased balance, flexibility, strength, and greater energy.

MS sufferers who regularly practice yoga for MS have also found an improvement in organ function, including bowel and bladder, and overall stress-reduction coupled with a pervasive sense of well-being.

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