Natural Weight Loss: How to Cut Calories Without Noticing

“Slow and steady wins the race,” goes the old adage, and when it comes to natural weightloss that advice applies to the battle against weight as well.

According to a report on, a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, people who savored a serving of ice cream over the course of 30 minutes felt fuller and more satisfied than those who ate the same portion in 5 minutes. The study revealed that participants’ hunger levels weren’t just psychological: those who took longer to eat the dessert actually produced a higher level of hunger-regulating hormones than those who scarfed their serving down.

Other studies report similar findings. In 2008, it was found that when subjects ate slowly, they ended up eating approximately 10% fewer calories than they did when eating quickly. Participants also reported feeling more full after eating slowly. Another study, published in the British Medical Journal, revealed that eating quickly and eating until full were directly correlated with obesity; in fact, these two habits tripled subjects’ risk of excessive weight gain.

In addition to increasing satisfaction and decreasing weight, eating slowly can improve your health in other ways. For example, the vast majority of digestive enzymes are actually found in your mouth, not your stomach. By chewing for longer periods of time, you break down nutrients for more effective absorption once they hit your digestive tract.  Longer chewing time will also allow you to more thoroughly enjoy the taste of what you are eating. 

Want to Learn a Simple Tips to Lose Weight Naturally?

1. To effectively and naturally cut back on how much you eat, experts advise chewing food twice as long as you’re used to and slowing down in general while eating.

2. Cut back on fructose, a prolific sweetener in today’s food market. Fructose diminishes feelings of fullness by reducing proper transfer of leptin, one of the body’s most powerful hunger regulators. In addition, fructose also increases you insulin levels, further interfering with your brain-body hunger response. Reducing fructose can help reset your eating habits and promote an automatic reduction in how much you eat.

Can losing weight really be as simple as that? Yes, and no. Certainly, eating less and eating more healthy foods will make you lose weight over time. Chewing your food longer and giving your body’s digestive process more time to absorb the food is a great way to eat less and lose weight naturally over time.

In addition, however, for many people, overeating has an emotional component as well. If you suffer from frequent cravings or even binge eatings, try out things like yoga therapy and other natural therapies that can help you resolve the underlying issues behind the cravings. There are many anecdotal reports that indicate that yoga might help offer natural weightloss by easing emotional cravings for food. Yoga also promotes weightloss by helping you reconnect with your body’s natural signals of hunger and satiety.

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